Old Butte Historical Tours offers four walking tours. Their headquarters are located at 117 North Main Street. Each walking tour costs $15 and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. There is a discount for seniors.406-498-3424

 The four tours:

 Underground City Tour: Includes visits to three locations in a one block area. There tour includes an ancient speakeasy and the old city jail. A comprehensive overview of Butte's history is included in the tour.

 East Walking Tour: Concentrates on Butte's seedy side. Stops include a brothel from 1920,  a Tin Shop, and Cabbage Patch Shanty Town.

 West Walking Tour: Explores the 1906 Silver Bow Club, built by and for Butte's elite millionaires and their comrades. At the Stephens Hotel, the tour shows how visitors and hotel residents lived from 1891 until the 1950's. 

 The Dellinger Block Tour: The tour includes ofices inaccessible for decades, Ghostly graffiti in the basement, Pre-1884 alley over pass to elegant "sleepingrooms."