Granite Ghost Town is located approximately 5 miles to the northeast of Philipsburg, Montana. This ghost town is a mountainous silver mining community that grew to approximately 3,000 citizens in it's heyday. While much of the town is overgrown, old building sites are well marked and history buffs will find plenty to do. Many foundations are still visible and standing buildings include the Miner's Union Hall and the mine superintendant's house.

A trail, called the Granite Ghost Walk, would take an average hiker about 2 hours to complete. Perfect time to visit would be May through September, while visits in late October and early November may result in much of the trail being wet or snowed over. Even during the late season,  you can still access most of the ghost town on foot via several old roads that traverse the area. While maps are generally supposed to be available at the "Visitor's Center" - basically a Forest Service sign - availability may be spotty due to season and remote location.

To get to Granite Ghost Town you travel up an old logging road, that while fairly well maintained, should only be driven in a high-clearance four wheel drive truck or SUV. Locals in Philipsburg have mentioned that the Philipsburg Mining Museum has a full scale model of Granite, and would likely be the best source of information about the travel conditions and history.

There are many spots to stop for a picnic, and tables abound. Be sure to bring your own water, as none appeared to be available.

If you're a mining or history buff, this stop will definitely appeal to you!