West Yellowstone is accessible by using one of several area airports and via ground transportation consisting of either driving or taking a bus.  The airports one can use to arrive in West Yellowstone are many, starting with the closest, the Yellowstone Airport.  This small, convenient airport is located just two miles outside of town and is serviced by only one air carrier, Sky West, a division of Delta Express. The airport is open from early June to mid-September for commercial travelers with 2 flights per day (3 on weekends).  Taxi services and car rentals are available for transportation into town from the airport.  The arirport also services a large number of private and corporate aircraft and has full refueling services.

The next closest airport, Gallatin Field, is located in Bozeman, Montana, about 90 miles from West Yellowstone.  This is a  larger airport than the one in West Yellowstone, serving many more carriers, including international flight connections.  Car rentals, bus and charter service is available to West Yellowstone from Gallatin Field.

About the same distance from West Yellowstone, 100 miles away in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is The Idaho Falls Regional Airport.  This airport is also small, with a limited number of airlines doing business there.  Car rentals and bus service to West Yellowstone, via Greyhound, is available there.

For those who plan on taking ground transport all the way into West Yellowstone, several bus companies make stops there, including shuttle service from the Salt Lake International airport (Salt Lake City, Utah). Some bus information is available on the Chamber of Commerce's website.  Driving routes and mileages are also available on the site.


we flew into bozeman from so calif via salt lake city on delta. on time. nice drive. would do it again to get to west yellowstone.