The culture in Elko is one that has a lot to do with pride in America and a sense of independence. For those who originally settled the area, it was a very risky and dangerous prospect, but they did so with bravery and enthusiasm. Though it is no longer a risk or danger to live in the area, that sense of tradition has carried through with newer generations. The people of Elko are proud of the history in the town. The culture of being a railroad town has done a lot to impact the the town. Because so many people have come through the town throughout the years, there is a very different culture that exists in Elko that isn't felt in other towns. Even though other towns died out after mining declined, Elko survived and has continued to grow and prosper. The culture of the wild west and cowboys don't necessarily dominate the town, but there are definite influences. There are also influences from the Native American counterparts as well. Native Americans were living in the area for thousands of years before the first white settlers, and their presence is definitely felt in the area.