StoryLand is a great amusement park for families with pre-teenaged children.  There are some rides and shows that will appeal to older kids, but the parks main focus is on younger kids.

The main theme of the park is based on stories and fables.  Many of the attractions are based on children's books such as the old women in the shoe, the three bears house, Alice's tea cups, and Cinderella's pumpkin.  There are many rides exclusively for smaller children such as the "Little Dreamer's Play Area" which contains a large ball crawl.  Middle aged youngsters will enjoy the more usual carnival rides such as the flying "Dutch Shoes," Antique cars, "Ocean's of fun Sprayground," and others.  The pre-teens are likley going to like the more interactive activities such as "Professors Bigglestep's Loopy Lab" where there are soft "Nerf"-type balls that can be shot around along with experiments with air.  They also have the usual spin-till-your-dizzy rides such as the "Turtle twirl" or "Whirling Whale's" that will look familiar to anyone who goes to amusement parks.

The park also has things to do on a hot day to keep cool.  They have a water ride called the "Bamboo Chutes" along with "Dr. Geyser's Remarkable River Raft Ride."  Each provides ample opertunity to get wet and cool off. 

The park is large and a full day can be spent walking between the rides along with seeing some of the shows to rest.  For lunch, there are many places too eat and while the prices are not rock bottom, they are reasonable compared to usual park costs. 

The park is very family friendly having many restrooms for Men, Women, handicap accessible "Family" rooms (for men with young girls or women with young boys).  They also have rooms dedicated for resting and nursing being equiped with changing tables and rocking chairs for mothers with nursing infants.

 The best time of the week to go is on Thursdays or Fridays as the park seems less crowded.  This is because most families attempt to start their weeks vacation with the big activities and are too tired towards the end of the week to do day-long activities.  The park is open every day mid-june through Labor day, and on weekends only throughout September.

For more information, check out their official web site