Not having a large enough crime rate to mention, Lincoln, New Hampshire is a very safe place for tourists and locals alike.  The main safety considerations that people must take while visiting have to do with the town's natural surroundings and its weather. 

Many people visit Lincoln because of its proximity to the White Mountains National Forest.  They come to hike its many trails and enjoy the beauty of its trees, mountains and spectacular views.  Hikers here should realize that although they may be within two hours of Boston they are in a wild place.  The mountains are very easy to get lost in without a map and the weather there can change abruptly from sunny to cold and rainy, even during the summer.  People should not hike alone and always let someone who is not joining them on the hike know where they plan on going.  The mountains are also full of wildlife, including brown bears, so it may also be a good idea for people visiting the forest to carry bear repellent with them.

Another safety consideration for the Lincoln area is driving, most specifically during the winter.  If you are driving during a snow storm, or if snow is forecasted, it is a good idea to get to the nearest safe place and stay there until the storm has ended, or to postpone your trip until after the storm.  Always check weather forecasts before driving in the region.