If you will be flying in from another part of the U.S,. or elsewhere, to get to Lincoln, New Hampshire, there are two choices of major airports to arrive at:  Boston's Logan International and Manchester, NH's Manchester-Boston Airport (keep in mind that Manchester Airport is actually about 50 miles from Boston).  Airfare prices to each airport can vary widely depending where you are flying from and when, so be sure to check flights to both places to get the best deal.  Also keep in mind that Manchester's airport mainly serves domestic flights, so if you want to arrive from an international destination without making a lot of connections, Boston may be your best bet.

Regardless of which airport you arrive at, the best way to get to Lincoln, NH is to drive.  Located up in the White Mountains, Lincoln is about a two to two-and-a-half hour drive from either location depending on weather and traffic conditions.  Car rentals from most major U.S. rental companies are available at either airport.  Bus service to Lincoln from either airport may also be available, but they do not run on a regular basis.

Driving directions to Lincoln, NH are available on the Lincoln-Woodstock Chamber of Commerce's website.  Although the ride is on the longer side, it does not involve a lot of complicated directions and the drive is quite scenic once you get into the mountains.