To be a true budget traveler, you must know how to be a smart traveler.

Here are some hints. 

 1) Place your reservations before April  Or May and get up to 50% off your hotel/motel room.

2)  Before ever getting in the car to get to Wildwood, do your homework and check out the following:

     ) Show your card and save) Or go to the nearest AAA office. (One on Route 9 just North of Rio Grande. ) (Order the book and find discounts in the book and on-line).

  Limited: and (Wildwood zip code is 08260)

3) Before getting to Wildwood, stop by the Wildwood Welcome Center (Located at the foot of the Wildwood bridge before comming into Wildwood.) Ask for a Welcome package (Great deals).

 4)Check out the Restaurants that have "Early bird Speicals" a Lobster dinner for $9.99? Check the local papers (most of them are still FREE)  the magizne name is something called "shoppe"  .

 5) Even check if some places have "Ladies night"  Were the gals can get in FREE at some clubs. 

6) If you have a kitchenette in your hotel room stop in Rio Grande and buy up some food and cook. (Shop-rite, Wal-mart and K-mart all within about one mile or so  of the exit 4A and 4B.  (Route 47 & route 9).

7) All hotels/motels have grills. Use them, and save some green. Nothing beats a good old burger on a grill near the beach.

8) Before going and returning from Wildwood check out: (Look for the gas pump at the bottom of the page for gas prices). 

9) Some times places will have 2 for 1 deals. Look carefully at them and see when they are accepted. 

10) enjoy a relaxing vacation and a little bit of money left over after the vacation.