Chimayo is a small town between Taos and Santa Fe New Mexico. The main attraction is El Santuario de Chimayo, or known locally as Lourdes of America. The legend goes: in the early nineteenth century, a local friar was performing penance when he saw a mysterious light on a hillside.  There, he found a crucifix. The miraculous crucifix was brought back to Santa Cruz and mysteriously returned itself back to the hole it was dug from in Chimayo on three separate occasions. So a chapel was built there. This area is also know by the local native population as having “healing dirt.” There is a small side chapel where you can take some dirt with you. Chimayo is also know for its Chilies. The chili powder you purchase at the stores near the chapel is the best in the world.  

Father Rocka Inside El Santuario de Chimayo