Undoubtedly, when you chose to visit this region, the name "Taos" was what first attracted your attention.  All official literature and advertisements only refer to "Taos" as the place where you'll stay and visit.  Nevertheless, many of the unincorporated areas around Taos have distinctive names that represent the ancient traditions of naming a place for a stream or topographic feature. Arroyo Hondo, Arroyo Seco and El Prado are all such places.  These are not towns and have no political jurisdiction, they are simply places that help folks zero in on a very specific neighborhood.  Within Taos itself are many such neighborhoods that may comprise no more than six "blocks."  

The greater Taos area is made up of several unincorporated areas and neighborhoods that Trip Advisor separates out as if they were their own destinations or towns.  If you want to find the most comprehensive listing of what Taos has to offer, find the link for "Taos County" by finding  the line that reads:  Home > United States > New Mexico (NM) > Taos County  and then begin your search there.  Unlike many other desinations in the nation that have only one name in Trip Advisor listings (e.g., Dallas), Taos lodgers are inexplicably separated into geographic designations that you will never know or understand unless you are from here or have previously visited here.  Since all lodgers are part of the "Taos" professional associations, they all consider themselves to be part of the "Taos Destination" thus advertise in the official Taos guides. 

Many savvy travellers find that these smaller and less well known neighborhoods have all that they are looking for to round out their New Mexico experience.  Despite TA's method of listing Taos lodgers and other businesses, everyone here considers themselves to be a part of the destination known as Taos, so you'll find some of the best if you widen your TA search to "Taos County." Museums, restaurants, Taos Pueblo, outdoor adventure, quiet, sunsets, uninterrupted views, and just being off of the beaten path are all reasons to explore these areas.