Cooperstown is in the Central Leatherstocking Region of upstate New York, which is located 70 miles west of Albany and 30 miles south of the New York State Thruway. Because Cooperstown is a small town without a major highway, you are going to have to do some driving no matter how you are getting in. There are smaller routes and back roads that you will need to take, but there are plenty of signs and directions to get there. Buses also travel to Cooperstown quite frequently, and there are often chartered bus groups that travel together to the town and organize trips together. If you insist on flying, there are several aiports in the region that you can take. Albany International Airport and Syracuse Hancock International Airport are good airports, but they are pretty far away, and you will still need to drive quite a way to get to the town. Cooperstown/Westville Airport is clearly the closest airport to go to, but it is also very small, and there aren't a whole bunch of flights coming in. However, during the summer, flights increase in the area. You could fly into Albany or Syracuse and then take a smaller plane to Cooperstown, but this will cost quite a bit of money.