From Lusaka you fly to Mfuwe airport to access the Luangwa Valley, it is about a 1 hour drive to the South Luangwa from the Airport.  There are many good lodges and camps in the area, something to suit all budgets.  The drive through the local village to South Luangwa National Park allows you to see Zambians going about there everyday rural village life, children stop to wave and wherever you stop people are friendly and helpful. 

For anyone interested in textiles there is an amazing place called Tribal Textiles, they employ many local people to hand paint beautiful fabrics, you can visit the 'factory' and purchase goods from their shop.  If you want a truly Zambian souvieneer this is the place to get it.

There is also a cultural village in Mfuwe where you can stay overnight and experience village life.

Even though it is now winter the weather is warm - short sleeves during the day, the mornings are a little cool but that just means a good excuse to light a fire.