Lake George is really a fairly safe little town. Most people here are friendly and just want to relax. In the winter half of us dont even lock our doors, and when we go to the grocery store we usually leave the car running with the keys in it because we dont have issues liek that around here, other than the summer time. We are a small tourist town, in the summer we get people from all over who just want to have fun and sometimes get in trouble. A few convenience stores have been robbed at night in Lake George, though no injuries that I know of, usually just young kids with nothing better to do or desperate for more money. The water is a big safety concern, some people just need to rememebr its a small lake, with alot of people, boats and little fish so be careful. There are signs posted for speed limits, where to swim and not swim, etc. If there is not a lifeguard on duty, please do not leave your kids unattended we do get waves in this lake and they can get higher white caps if a storm is brewing. Even if there is a lifeguard, there are alot of people to watch, so please don't just leave your kids to go shopping or up the hill to get lunch, the lines can get long and have you away awhile and sadly I've seen things happen due to lazy parents. Our toy stores are not babysitters, do not drop your kids off to go look at the motorcycles, we can't babysit them though we try. I used to run a store on the strip and I can't tell you how many parents drop their kids off in my toy store while they go elsewhere, kids can wander off, break stuff, or get worried when they can't see you in the crowd. We are a nicely mixed community with all different races and cultures living peacefully so be nice to us we'll be nice to you. Enjoy our Irish pubs but leave the brawling home  a guy actually punched me a few years back because he didn't like my friends irish accent and I had to defend myself,  he was arrested and sent home, I enjoyed my pizza with a sore fist. We have Peace officers and police officers, we are very proud of our cute little town and picky about our parking, so watch your meters and dont take up 2 parking spaces in a busy area PLEASE!! The peace and police officers are everywhere and see mroe than you think, so feel safe but don't forget my rules above for not ditching your kids. Motorcycle riders, we love to see you in town some of you are the nicest people I have ever met, even the big ones with tatoos and pony tails tend to have the best manners, but please oh please remember even though we have pretty roads its still so dangerous. Most of our motorvehicle accidents are motorcycles, one was my husband who died last year having too much fun on his bike on the nice backroads so please dont cut off vehicles, dont drive on the sidewalk, use your hand signals and no playing silly games on your bikes on our roads. Im not kidding this is what we see every year, just so you all know. Most the legal issues are parking tickets in this town so we're lucky. Do not forget you are in New York, there are laws here that pedestrians have the right of way, no turning on red in the city of Lake George, watch the crossing signs if you are a pedestrian they have little buttons on them to help you cross, and help drivers drive too. The lake is deep, wear your life jackets when your out on the water, swim in the roped off areas, and enjoy yourself, safely for all of us.