Well we are simple, no subways no big metro systems thank God! We do have the Glens Falls Transit system, Glens Falls is just a couple miles south of Lake George On Route 9 (Canada street is the main street in Lake George, but it is a part of Route 9). They have a Trolley that comes in and out of Lake George. Yes it looks like the Trolley from the Rice-A-Roni commercials, it's cute. They do have passes you can buy if you contact the Glens Falls Transit system, they have a website. You can also ask your hotel to look into it for you. Always always always have quarters on you in Lake George. I recommend having a $10 roll of quarters every day you go. Parking is $1/hour in meters, the Trolley varies by where you're going and if you need to get on and off. You can get some transfers included if you ask. Check their website or ask your hotel for the brochure of the map it follows, and times it comes through, and costs, most hotels have them or can get them easily enough. Taxi's are by call only, ask your hotel for numbers or check the local phone book. There are several companies, but they are located outside of Lake George and charge to come up here. No discounts that I know of with Taxi's. It's not like New York City you can't look for them and whistle, you have to call. I can't post numbers on this Forum by the Rules, but your hotel can easily get them. Most payphones here have them posted. Your best bet is walking from your hotel, your own vehicle or the Trolley. Be prepared if you call a taxi you may have to wait 30 minutes or so, since they are out of town and they pick up the fares by where they are in the area. On one bright side, say its 10 pm and you are out of milk for the baby, the mini price chopper is closed and you can't leave. Call the local Taxi service, tell them where you are and what you need. They will shop for you, only a few items, and if you ask them for beer or smokes you do have to show them id, they will charge you the fee for the travel and a stop fee,please tip them nicely for that type of call. Hope this helps, and don't forget the quarters! Most stores are desperate for quarters and won't give much more than 1 dollar of quarters at a time, so visit the bank during the day to get the quarter rolls, its worth it. We have 2 banks in town, one is the south side of town just up the hill from Fort William Henry by Howard Johnson Tiki Lodge, that's Glens Falls National with a 24 hour atm drive thru, nice local bank. The other is the north side of town, it's near the Lake George School, find The Trading Company or Guiseppe's restaurant and look across the street. It's next to the small library in a brick building. It's called TD Banknorth (we call it evergreen as locals) they are also a local friendly bank, have currency exchange and any banking needs during daily business hours and a drive thru with an atm. Good travels!