There is decent Nightlife in Lake George. One of the hottest spots right across from the Lake on Canada Street  by Fort William Henry is DJ'S. They have a grill inside with decent things like burgers, wings etc. Three bars, one of which is outside on the deck.  A nice size dancefloor, with televisions, so you can view the dancers. They have a backroom with one of the bars and a pooltable where one of the televisions are located. The waitresses also come around for drink orders and these colorful sometimes neon shots that you can purchase and try. Last I knew it was 21 and over only, they check id at the door and have plenty of bouncers for security. They regularly have drink specials and fun nights where you can win free tshirts for different drinks, I have a few Corona shirts from Corona night. The dj is fantastic, the last dj that was there came up from NY City, as well as local radio dj's that visit certain nights. 

Another nightclub here right on the lake is Neptunes. This place is so big you can almost get lost inside. They serve a very good lunch and dinner, have bars upstairs and downstairs, and a nice outside seating area on the deck overlooking the water. They regularly have live acts which vary with different kinds of music and so far I haven yet to hear one that wasn't enjoyable. I'm not sure if it's 21 and over only, but they do check id's at the door and have bouncers for security.

Christie's on the lake also is good. Christie's has live bands most nights, is 21 and over and they also check your id at the entrance. It is right at the lake and is half inside and half covered with an awning for a nice night with a view of the lake and a decent breeze. They have pool tables that usually have a line but most people share well. The bartenders are usually great fun, almost reminds you of the old movie "Cocktail" with Tom Cruise and are a joy to watch. If they don't know your drink they are always happy to try to make it.

For the real Irish, Duffy's can be fun to visit. They are higher up on Canada Street by Shepherds Park, just up the hill from the water. You can hear the music before you see it usually. They regularly have Irish pub type music. It's an older crowd most nights, but the place is clean and charming. There is a dance floor inside, and a sitting area outside.

After a night of drinking, to sober up I highly recommend Pizza Jerks for amazing food and great atmosphere! It was on Canada street but moved up to next to the mini Price Chopper, a small grocery Store just behind Canada Street across from Duffy's. Worth the trip just for their food and hippie type atmosphere. The owners are more than willing to suit to your taste and Ihave yet to find one thing i didn't love!