Lake George certainly isn't Broadway or off Broadway, but we do have some decent performing arts in the area now and then. For those who enjoy new up and coming artists, check out the Nightlife section of Overview for places to go and hear local bands, we have some great local talents.

Just outside of Lake George, just follow Route 9 south into Glens Falls into town, you will find the Charles R Wood theatre. They have some great shows, its a nice little place that so many locals put their heart and souls into making a reality. Charles Wood was the previous owner of The Great Escape before Six Flags bought it. He has made so many contributions to our area it seemed only fitting for him to help us make our little downtown Glens Falls a little nicer. Just ask your hotel for local shows coming up when you are planning your trip, there are always posters around town and things in our local papers telling you whats coming up. Route 9 is just most everything around here, Canada Street is Route 9, the heart of Lake George, and Glenn Street, the heart of Glens Falls, but it's still just Route 9 to the non local. Just down the road is The Civic Center where we have everything from Rodeo's to Pam Tillis coming this summer, to Monster Trucks to Hockey to Flea Markets, I could just keep going. Their prices are usually very reasonable even at the food stands inside. Near the Theatre also is Aimee's Dinner & Movie, they have a website at their name .com. There you can watch movies, eat really great food all at the same time while sitting in very comfy seats, unlike cinemas. Aimee's has romantic ambience with low lighting, but enough of a light at your table to see your food and the movie. It's theatre seating so you don't have a head in your way. If you have a big group coming or have a birthday or occasion to celebrate, call them they do private parties very inexpensively. You can choose the food, drinks and what movie you want. They will play any dvd, including home movies on dvd!  We have Davidson's Brewery also that brews the beer right there! You can see the big round machines and taste the freshness. I highly recommend whether you go to Aimee's or Davidson's to ask your waitstaff for the Raspberry sauce it is so amazing I'd put it on anything!

Back to Lake George..well we dont' really have much for a theatre that I know of, I mentioned the local bands and nightlife, but worth mentioning is the Lake George school. These kids are incredibly talented. The shows they put on make me want to save my money and not go to Broadway, sometimes. The tickets are always at great prices, and they do anything from Fiddler on the Roof to Kiss me Kate. Worth checking out the local kids right on the main street and helping out the local school.

Not too far south is Saratoga Springs. If you come to see Lake George then Saratoga is a must. It's so clean and lovely, a little pricey most places but I love it! So educational and elegant, and of course the horse track that made it famous. They have Saratoga Performing Arts Center that has outdoor events from Dave Matthews to Country to Ballet! Check out their schedule, also can be mentioned to your hotel or travel agent, or check out the website again the name .com.