Shopping in Lake George is worth the trip. On Canada street there are so many stores. A new favorite is a store called Don's Gift & Variety  inside the Lake George Mall. It's not really a mall but a gathering of stores that you walk into. This is on the 2nd floor, for those who can't do stairs, go to the right of the building and walk down the alleyway, take your first left near the pub, it's right in front of you. This store has the best prices! They have everything including dolls, clocks, sunglasses for $1.99 all of them! Also plenty of toys for the kids, and adults, fun gag gifts, candy, baseball cards, fleece blankets with sports teams, emergency items like tow rope, nail clippers, things you might actually need while on vacation! Kites, Tails& Toys , see their website first and have a great laugh with the kids just type in kitestails& and hold your sides. This store burned down, along with several others, but the website is still available! The store had kites of course, but loud fun music, candy, toys like a boy that pees water when u pull down his pants, fake dog poo, toilets filled with it by the way, lots of toys that walk and make noise are seen from the sidewalk on leashes at the door. This place is colorful and such fun that the owner, Freddy, had to open 2 others within a few feet. Just follow the colors, music and the smell of fudge and you'll find them! One is The Trading Company -home decor mainly, more pricey but so worth the trip for christmas presents early, with Asher's Candy and fudge and my favorite the Icee machine. Look for the Superman Phonebooth. They sell comfortable shoes made of real leather, handbags, hats, and lots of home decor. Also by Shepards park  is a step back in time for those who enjoyed things like Betty Boop, funny shirts, again more great shoes, and more toys for adults and kids, called Psychadellic Soul .   There are plenty of stores for shirts, try Riley's just outside of town by the outlets they have shirts starting at $2.00! It's a big store trust me they have alot more than shirts, but be prepared for the big cages of hermit crabs at the door.Between Six Flags Great Escape and the main strip of Lake George, which is called Canada Street, is a shopping strip. They have RUE 21, a discount bookstore, clearance KB toystore, a cute homedecor store, 2 very nice kitchen stores, a discount party outlet, Big Dog clothing and Eddie Bauer and that's just in one of the several buildings called Adirondack Outlet Mall . They also have a shoe store and a women's Dress Barn. As well as a little area for small lunch snacks. In the next outlet right next door is Mountain View Outlets , which is by The Log Jam and The Red Barn restaurants. Pricey but very good good. The stores in this outlet mall are Foreside , Levi's, Carter's, Orvis, Sportshoe Center, Adirondack Woodworks, Seasons in the Adirondacks which is a gift shop. Between them is a very big Reebok outlet store with decent outlet prices and an indoor golfing shop for the golfer at heart. On the other side of the Adirondack Mall is Lake George Plaza with Polo Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Maidenform, Nautica, Jones NY,& Coach, and Harry & David's . Across the street from those outlets is French Mountain Commons with Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, OshKosh B'Gosh, Pfaltzgraff & Fieldcrest Cannon. There is a shoe store in there with Hush Puppie shoes but not sure of the name. There is a gas station in front of this outlet, a hotel with discount Great Escape tickets, and The Montcalm restaurant which again is pricey but not bad. This outlet strip also contains a basketville store full of baskets, flowers and cute garden Martha Stewart type gifts, very cute.  There is also 2 other shoe stores by themselves at the end, along with Sox store that has the nicest and cheapest socks, and that includes the Walmart next door to my house! Sox is run by a charming older woman who will find cute things. If you need heavy socks for hunting, work, hiking, etc go there and get them about half price, even by Walmart prices! Oh and can't forget the Domino's next door. They share a main door so dont be confused when you're trying to get into Sox and can't find their door! Just use the Dominoe's door and stay to the right. For other shopping,  Shop on Canada street, the heart of Lake George or Beach road which meets canada street at the water and is where all the shops for Fort William Henry are, and their Lookout cafe which is upstairs but across from the lake with a great view, good inexpensive food and a breeze. It is outside and has a cover on it, but be prepared for no a/c.  For a/c shopping, get back on I-87 south and go to exit 19 to the mall, just off the exit, if youre heading south it's a left turn, north its a right turn off the exit. Not alot of shops, but we have a JcPenney's, Sears, Old Navy, Aero, Movie Theatre, food court and a 99 restaurant that has tv's and serve popcorn before your yummy meal. Prices are good food is even better. For the Irish stop by Molly Malone's on Canada street, by the way all of these stores are right on Route 9, Canada street is part of 9. Molly Malone's has everything Irish, including handmade items and clothing from Ireland. Try the real british chocolate in the back, you'll never want anything else again.