Sports and activities in the Adirondacks? It's everywhere! Just follow route 9 and you'll see it all! Off Canada Street (Route 9 in Lake George) is a pay beach and pay parking area where everyday you'll see volleyball games. Run along the boardwalk at the water for a nice jog.  There is also exciting rafting and tubing for the whole family on the Sacandaga River just 15 minutes from Lake George Village.  Just head South on Route 9N.  If you like a little more adventure the full day whitewater raft trip on the Hudson River is not to be missed!  A word about rafting companies - Pick one that has been in business at least 10 years, provides helmets and is owner operated.  These tend to provide the safest trips.  You an contact the Lake George Region Chamber of Commerce for a complete list of rafting outfitters.

For indoor activities, go to the YMCA, it's in Glens Falls just follow Route 9 past Walmart, through the big intersection, past Toys R us you'll see it on the right. It's newly done and huge! There is an indoor pool, indoor track, gymnastics area, summer camp programs, nightly programs for all, basketball, weightlifting, cardio room, squash, raquetball, and outside you can see from the road are basketball courts, baseball diamonds, up in the woods on the hill is a playground, cookout areas, lots of running space and watch for the trails that you can walk/hike. The one behind the Y will walk you up the hill, in the woods on a nice trail, right up to the mall. Great place for a cookout and family fun of all kinds or for the outdoor sports minded.

Check out any one of the many golf courses, mini golf is a favorite there are about 6 to choose from along route 9. Also, for the real golfer, check out Top of The World, just follow beach rd, take a left, go about 1 1/2 miles and turn right up the hill. The view is amazing!  For hikers, you're in the Adirondacks choose your flavor!

For the newer hikers you can go to Prospect mountain, entrance is on Route 9 just outside of Lake George by the batting cages, ohh there's another sports idea, you may even see certain famous baseball players that like to visit and practice there for fun. You can drive Prospect or hike it, or do a bit of both. You are in the woods, so remember safe hiking things like layer your clothes, wear pants preferrably in hiking, or really really good bug spray. Watch out for little animals that like to come out and say hello.

Head north to Warrensburg or better yet go to exit 21 I-87, that brings u close to lake george by the way the exit is by Goony Golf mini golf, stay on that road don't get on I-87, go to Lake Luzerne for a day of horseback riding, water rafting, rodeo at painted pony. It's a nice day in the country and alot of fun. It's only about 10 minutes on that road to get there, you'll see the signs for everything.

For hotel ideas up there if you really like that area, check out lamplight inn, they have a website, with jacuzzi suites or without, good prices and the owners are so cute! They have a romantic story how they met and bought the place, they have won atleast 3 b&b awards and were in a magazine country living or something like that. 

You can also travel up I-87 or Route 9, keep heading north, you'll find plenty of hiking and scenery. Go to Keene or Keene Valley, the high peaks of the adirondacks. It's gorgeous, you can see waterfalls there without paying admission, and hike the high peaks. Be careful not to have any sweets on you, the bears love cake and chocolate and will smell you a mile away, and you can actually be ticketed for having a piece of cake in the high peaks, it's considered bear baiting.

For those who want to be educated on adirondack history and see it, go to Indian Lake, Tupper Lake isn't the nicest but they have a brand new museum opening this year in June thats supposed to be great. About an hour north of Lake George is Lake Placid, winter games home.

Ausable Chasm is right on Route 9, You can take I-87 and get off Exit 29 I think it is, and go white water rafting, hike along the chasm, see waterfalls and gorges its really amazing.

It's a nice peaceful drive through the adirondacks, you can go to Plattsburgh, then drive back on Route 9 to enjoy it all. Plattsburgh is about an hour and a half north and a nice place to visit too.

For sports, check out Glens Falls Civic Center, they have a website, they usually have something going on and are only 10 minutes south on route 9 from Lake George.

If you check out either the YMCA mentioned or the Visitor center on Canada street you should get a listing of local events and a free map.

Saratoga racetrack is only about 20 minutes south of the Lake and a day full of fun, though tends to be pricey its a rich playground.

Also off I-87 is a white inflated HUGE sports dome. You can't miss it from I-87. It's between exit 18 and 19, easiest is get off exit 18, turn left at the hess station, right at the end, left at the firehouse, left at the end onto sherman, it's on your left at the overpass. They have indoor fields and plenty of games to join in on. It's a new local favorite this year, the school's are even sending their sports teams there and the kids for fun field trips. Have Fun!