Let's start with a lovely little gem north of Lake George but still on the lake, the Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing. Located north on Route 9 in Bolton Landing, you just make one little turn onto it's road at the sign on your right at the red light. They have 3 dining restaurants available that are open to all, not just hotel guests. The place looks stuffy and intimidating with the guard out front, but it's really lovely and friendly. As Rachel Ray featured on her show, $40 a day, they have a noon tea that features sandwiches and pastries and of course teas that are very enjoyable, if even just to smell! They have a great website that features each dining room and what's type of entrees are featured to help you choose what best suits you. Since it's located on the water, it has lovely breathtaking views to enjoy.

For Chinese fans, try Chinatown south of Great Escape on Route 9. You can't miss the red building with golden Lions out front. The inside is just as asian looking and very relaxing. The staff are all asian, but most of them speak enough english to get by. The owner speaks perfect english and you'll often see him walking around greeting all guests warmly. They offer a large buffet, featuring a cold table with fruits and salad items, an appetizer table, soups, rice kept perfect in a steamer, several main dishes, a sushi bar, dessert including ice cream, and beverages included for $7.99 lunch, $11.99 dinner. They have a full bar, for the romantics who don't mind splitting a large drink with 2 straws, try the lover's paradise! They also have a full menu to order from, and a to go menu for those chinese lovers who want to take food for their trip.  They have a large back room for large groups that makes meetings, family gatherings etc. Perfect and private.

In town is Mama Riso's, up by Water Slide World just off exit 21 I-87. Italian and friendly, visitors report that they fell so in love with this place they went 3 times in one week long trip. The place has plenty of room, great italian food, and friendly staff at decent enough prices.

Gino & Tony's is right on the strip. It's not huge but they have a large table in back for a good dozen or so people, and they are very friendly to families and children. They recently went to plastic cloths, red checked, and paper napkins to be more affordable and family friendly. They make their own red sauce by scratch, and you can really tell! No canned tomato flavor here! They look fancy upon entering, with green walls with italian art, a gorgeous wood bar, tv for entertainment, but the owners and staff are so friendly. You'll regularly see the owner wearing an apron and walking around to help serve people.

George's just at the end of Beach Rd, just off Canada street. Take a left at the end of Beach Rd., and it's on your right. George's has been around for ages. They have prime rib, seafood etc. Very nice with plenty of seating and parking but not stuffy.

These are just some favorites that feature seating for groups.