Lake Placid was first established in the late nineteenth century and quickly became a tourist destination for the leisure class.  Located in the Adirondack Mountains, it was named for the scenic lake in the area which covers over 2000 acres of land.

In 1932, Lake Placid hosted the Winter Olympics.  This was not actually supposed to happen, as the games were supposed to be hosted in Big Pines, CA, but due to unexpected bad weather conditions, Lake Placid was chosen as the host of The Games.  This is important to the history of Lake Placid because, after hosting the 1980 Olympics, Lake Placid became the first of only two locations to host the Winter Olympics two separate times.  The 1980 Winter Olympics were important historically for all of the United States, with the big moment being when the heavily-favored USSR ice hockey team was beat by relatively amateur American players.

Lake Placid, considered to be a village rather than a town or city, is now home to less than three thousand people and draws almost all of its revenue from tourism.  There are slightly more females than males living in Lake Placid and there are considerably more people of Caucasian descent in Lake Placid than of all other races combined.