The preferred method of transportation within Lake Placid is personal car, although there are other options such as the Placid XPRSS trolley/bus and also bicycle rental.  Navigating the roads by car is relatively easy because there are only a few main roads which visitors need to know about.

The Lake itself is bordered on one side by Saranac Avenue.  This is where a large number of the motels and hotels are at and so is the road most often traveled by visitors.  Branching off of Saranac Avenue is Wilmington Road which offers more lodging options and also runs through the Lake Placid Golf Course.

The best scenic drive is to begin at Lake Placid, travel East along Wilmington Road, then head Southwest down Tenth Mountain Division Memorial Trail.  When you hit Cascade Road, travel west, and you will pass the Adirondack Scenic Railroad tracks.  Take Carolyn Road north and you’ll be back at Lake Placid.  This scenic route allows you to see all of the Lake Placid area relatively quickly.

Visitors should note that parking is sometimes difficult tin downtown Lake Placid and for this reason, many people choose to use public transportation when heading to this area.  The Placid XPRSS is free to visitors.