There is opportunity to experience the performing arts in Montauk, however, do not expect to see off-Broadway plays or major concert venues, the local entertainment is lively and modest, just like Montauk itself. The local cinema on Edgemere Street hosts one film at a time and public library has been known to host readings by local authors. The Depot gallery, located in a former train station, gives visitors and residents alike a taste of local art with 11 shows per year. The best place to find live music is not a concert hall, but rather, at one of the several bars and restaurants that line the harbor. Local musicians play almost every night of the week at various watering holes in Montauk, most notably at the open-air Nick's on South Edison Street and the Oyster Pond Restaurant on Elmwood Avenue. If you really want to be entertained, make a special visit to the Memory Motel on the Montauk Highway, once visited by the Rolling Stones, for live music and eccentric revelers. For daytime performances, the town green becomes a stage outdoor events and festivals, with art shows and perfomances from musicians, thespians, and even a rare comedian or two. Every wednesday night during the summer they feature HBO style comedy at Gurneys after their  lobsterbake, that is the place where they do the opening night for the hamptons international film festival.