Sal, Cape Verde - The Climate.

An overview of the sun, wind, rain and temperature. 


Sal is blessed with an enviable dry tropical climate all year round. Whilst keeping a continuous pleasant temperature, it has two seasons: slightly cooler and drier from December to June and reaching higher temperatures between July and November.

Daily temperatures range from 19 - 25°C (66 - 77°F) in the cooler winter season and 24 - 30°C (75 - 86°F) between July and November.

Rainfall is low and unreliable. It typically falls during July, August and September, amounting to an average of 25mm during this time. However, just like everywhere else the climate is changing and 2008 saw a very unusual 80mm of rain fall, 60mm of which fell in just 2 days in July. Precipitation is still usually non-existent between October and June.


The constant wind is welcome in the summer months but it can get a little chilly in the cooler months and in the evening.

The windiest months are usually November to May. The atmosphere can be a little hazy during this time as dust blows from across the ocean (the Sahara Desert).


For historical weather for Sal since 1973 to date click on the link below:

Be very careful in the sun. It is strong and the constant wind not only hides the strength by keeping you cool but it also aids the burning process. Always use a high factor sunscreen and take shade from the midday sun.

Sea temperatures remain steady throughout the year with a low of 21°C (70°F) in February / March and a high of 25°C (77°F) in September / October.

For a view of the current weather, checkout several live webcams in Sal by clicking on the link below: