Fira is on the island of Santorini, Greece and has civilization evidence dating deep into history. Its very existence is due in thanks to a volcano that remained quite active in the history of the modern world; but was active and creating the island centuries and centuries ago. Santorini was first inhabited by Minoan people in 3000 BC, a group of people that were living on various Greek islands and whose cave paintings remain in some areas today.

But, Santorini was first deemed its name in the 13th century by the Venetians. It was named in honor of Saint Irene, but the island was given many names over time such as Kalliste which means beatutiful one. The Dorian people, or ancient Greeks, named the island Thera in the 11th century BC. But it was the Venetians who kept the ruling of the island through several centuries until they lost it to Turkish control in the 16th century.

The result of the  Greek Revolution ultimately ended up that Santorini was to be a part of Greece officially, in 1821.

Today Fira is a major tourist destination, an exotic getaway with gorgeous waters and typical Greek island architecture. It is the picture of many posters and calendars with its stunning blue sea and bright white buildings.