Grazing through the Village.

The best way to decide where to eat tomorrow is to take a walking thru the Village grazing tour today.

Start at Joe's Pasta Garage, just up Jordan Street, and order the soup of the day. Do read the menu, it may surprise you.

Next, Johhny Angels for a sampling of tomorrows breakfast or lunch. They even have Ostrich and Bison Burgers. Apparently, they are even very healthy.

Doug's Fish Fry is an institution around here. It is considered bad form to not have at least one meal here. 

[World Famous] Morris' Bar & Grill is perfect to order a beer and a sandwhich and hang out with the locals.

Walk next door to Kabuki [but be sure to call ahead, it is small and they are always busy] to order sushi; it is fabulous especially with a bottle of Japanese beer.

Across the street at Blue Water Grill [get an outside table] be sure to order the garlic & corn scallop chowder. Head's up about portion's; they are huge.

Last Stop is the Sherwood Inn. You have tough choice here: tavern or dining room. Both menus are teriffic, it's just a choice of anbiance.

By now, assuming you completed the Grazing Tour, you should have figured out what you want to do for tomorrow. Truth is, though, they are all great choices, so you will just have to come back soon. After you have tried these, there are a whole bunch more within an easy drive.

Rosalie's is where Presidents eat. The place is enormously popular, so go really early.

Mirbeau: MIght surprise you if you haven't eaten at one of those places with the "sampling" servings and the salad at the end. 

The Skaneateles Chamber of Commerce has all the phone numbers and addresses at Restaurant Info .