Travelers will probably find that getting around Chapel Hill is best done via a combination of walking and driving, although there are other options for internal travel.  Chapel Hill is small enough, and the attractions of interest to people traveling to the area are located close enough to one another, to make walking a major mode of tourist transportation.  This is especially true for people who are staying in accommodations near the University of North Carolina Campus which is home to a great number of the area’s attractions and which also offers dining and nightlife entertainment.  Travelers who are staying in such an area and planning to stick around the campus will find that they do not need a car at all.

Other travelers will want to rent a car upon arrival in the area.   Travelers who opt not to rent a car can use the public bus system, taxi hire and bicycling to get around the area.   The Chapel Hill Transit system is a fare-free system which makes it quite an appealing option for Chapel Hill visitors who are on a budget.   More information about the Chapel Hill Transit system is available online at . Travelers can obtain extensive information different modes of getting around Chapel Hill by visiting .