For cheap eats in the Chapel Hill area, it doesn't get any better than Carrburritos, actually located on the Carrboro / Chapel Hill line where Franklin Street hits Rosemary. A top notch and filling burrito with authentic Mexican beer can run you less than $10, and the atmosphere is perfect for either a quick bite, or letting the hours go by. If you are able to venture a 2-3 minute walk further into Carrboro, check out the Weaver Street Market, with a delicious buffet, and a wide range of salads, sandwiches, soups, snacks, and drinks. Morning brunch there can't be beat. If a great but relaxed diner is your mood, take the door to the right of the Weaver Street Market, and follow the walkway to Elmo's (there's one in Durham, too). Finally, a few steps back towards Chapel Hill on the other side of the street will bring you to Amante Pizza - gourmet and delicious, but still hot and cheap (Amante is next to Cat's Cradle, the best concert venue in the area).