Currituck Outer Banks Beaches

There is something perfect about the sands of the Outer Banks in Currituck County. Perhaps it is the wide beaches, or the refreshing waters of the Atlantic Ocean that always seem to be at just the right temperature. Perhaps it’s that breeze that keeps the Outer Banks just a little cooler in the summer.

But something happens when families, lovers, or friends step on the soft sands of this strip of sand in northeastern North Carolina-shoulders relax, smiles appear, and everyone becomes a child again.

This is a place made for making memories. In the early morning fishermen try their luck in the roiling surf. Waves break long and true and with almost 20 miles of coastline, there is always that perfect ride waiting for surfers. A father takes his child in the ocean for the first time, the peals of laughter from his son or daughter filling the air.

Perhaps the ideal day at the beach is a time to do nothing more than read a book and let the warmth of the sun soothe the tensions of the everyday world away. Or maybe it’s evening stroll with someone special.

The beaches of the Currituck Outer Banks, the area surrounding Corolla, offer something for everyone, and something special no matter what the season.

The Currituck Outer Banks are just a little further away from the more developed and congested beaches of the southern Outer Banks, yet it is still no more than a day’s drive from almost every major city on the eastern seaboard.

Other places may be for lovers, but the Currituck Outer Banks is a place to love.