The Durham dining scene features an eclectic range of choices, from Indian to Mexican to "grease grub" to five-star quality cuisine.  And of course, who can forget Carolina barbecue?  Some restaurants have made names for themselves by catering to the college crowd; others call to high end Durhamites (and "high end" college kids), while still others are good and cheap enough to appeal to anyone and everyone with an appetite.  Here's a list of popular spots, subdivided by category and crowd.



Nana's ( http://tinymce.moxiecode.cp/mce_temp_url) ---Make reservations.

Four Square ( ) --- Make reservations.

George's Garage ( )

Vin Rouge ( )

Parizade ( )


(Not just) College Student Food

Cosmic Cantina: Open until 4 AM every day of the week, "Cantina", as it is known by Dukies, is a long time favorite of late-night studiers and partiers alike.  Started by a Duke student, this hole-in-the-wall joint serves up mouthwatering burritos, quesodillas, chimichangas and most other mexican dishes you could think of.  Wash it down with a margharita or Dos Equis (or a coke if you're studying).  You're also sure to run into friends here if you're a student; it's as much of a social meeting place as it is a restaurant. (Perry Street, off Ninth)

Jimmy Johns:  Jimmy Johns is a chain, albeit a popular one amongst college students.  The decor and scenery of the restaurant projects the restaurant as having a fresh attitude, and it's subs are too (relatively). (Ninth Street)

Satisfaction's:  Satisfaction's is known for having great pub food as well as delicious pizzas.  It's a good place to watch gather with friends to watch a Duke basketball game or catch some live music. (Main Street, in Brightleaf Square)


Good Food.

Elmo's (Ninth Street)

James Joyce (Main Street)

Niko's (Main Street, Brightleaf Square