Edenton, NC has been called the Prettiest Little Town in the South. But its attraction is more than skin deep. Edenton was the first Colonial Capitol of what is now North Carolina. The first political action led by a woman took place in Edenton. George Washington found one of his first members of the U.S. Supreme Court in a 38-year old Edentonian and the godfather of the US Navy came from Edenton. Edentonians signed the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Unlike areas where historic buildings have been recreated, Edenton's are originals. From the Cupola House to the Courthouse (which is still in use), the frequently photographed Barker House to the nearly 20, pre-18th century homes that comprise its nationally recognized historic area, Edenton is awash in the history that defined the Colony, North Carolina and the United States. Two great web sites give you more information and links about Edenton: http://www.edentonhistoricalcommissio... http://visitedenton.com/