There are several things not listed in this "Things to do" section for Highlands, NC.

The Highland Hiker, which is located at the end of town, is a must see. There are 2 stores, the new one is located in a small shopping strip, and the original is located in the orginal building just beyond that strip. They have really great clothes, hiking supplies and paraphenalia. There is a great book you can pick up, which details day hikes in the area, "Day Hikes in Highlands" (green, 8 1/2x11 size, not "book bound"). These two stores are a must visit when in town. Also, while you are there, ask one of the employees to show you the oldest Nordsman tree in America...really cool!

Glen Falls is a great day hike to explore. There are several overlooks, and you can go all the way to the bottom if you so choose...the first 3 overlooks are an easy hike....going to the bottom is for the adventurous ones among the group! At the first overlook (at the top of the falls), there is a "hidden falls" if you look in the right spot...

This is going to sound funny, but if you want a clean restroom, try the Citgo at the beginning of town and the Grocery store at the end of town. :)

There are several beautiful waterfalls, and some have (small!) pullouts to park alongside Hwy beware of curvy roads!! If you are one to get carsick, you may not want to venture out this way...or at least keep your eyes straight ahead! However, if you can make it, this drive is BEAUTIFUL!!