Kill Devil Hills is the oldest township in the whole of the Outer Banks region – yet it was established in just 1952.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Kill Devil Hills is its name. There are many stories, but the most accepted seems to be that Kill Devil refers to a rum. In fact, one urban legend hints that pirates inadvertently named the town.

According to this legend, some pirates had settled on a large sand dune – some of the largest were then located in the area now known as Kill Devil Hills, though they were up and down the Outer Banks region – and were enjoying some particularly strong rum. Legend says that they thought the rum was a little too strong and one pirate remarked to another, “Boy, this rum could kill a devil” and somehow the name stuck.

A bottle of rum called “Kill Devil” was once also found washed up on the shore of Kill Devil Hills.

Kill Devil Hills is best known as the site of the first successful flight of the Wright Brothers. That was in 1903 and years later, the Wright Brothers National Memorial was erected and today can be seen for miles.