To get a little leg up on your Kill Devil Hills trip planning, visit the excellent Outer Banks travel site. This site is a fulsome, invaluable trip-planning resource.

At the Outer Banks traveler website, you can plan almost every aspect of your trip, from where to dine to where to say and what to do. Start with “visitor services” and click on “family gatherings” for several sample itineraries. You might follow the “lighthouses and lifesavers” itinerary for a full day of visiting area lighthouses and saving stations.

Or perhaps you’re interested in accommodations. There are plenty of choices here, but be aware that this website serves the entire Outer Banks region (though Kill Devil Hills is the largest town in the area), so pay attention to only Kill Devil Hills accommodations choices if you this is specifically where you want to stay.

There are maps here that you can download for your travels, for various attractions and to help you find various activities.

Finally, don’t forget about the “seasonal savings” offered here. With the “getaway card” you can get discounts at restaurants, shops and for some accommodations. It’s available during the low seasons, but can provide significant savings. ”Seasonal savings” also provides a list of various accommodations and special getaway deals available throughout the year.