If you are taking a family trip to Kill Devil Hills, the entertainment is already there, right on the beach. You don’t need to look for much more.

This is a true beach town and your kids will enjoy playing in the water (as long as it’s not October to about March, when the water is just too cold), building sandcastles, and eating fresh seafood.

This is also a popular place for family reunions. You can rent a beachfront house for about $2,000 to $3,000 a week which makes a wonderful getaway for a large group of family members or friends. From the rental house, you can simply hang on the beach, take a few little shopping trips and enjoy the beautiful sunsets as a family.

But if you find you all need a respite from beach activities, there are several options that might suit you, and your kids.

First, think about renting bikes and riding around this historic and scenic area. Got a little one? No problem. Either rent a trailer or a bike with a kid seat on the back. Strap a helmet on your tike and go for it. This is a very popular activity in Kill Devil Hills and there are tons of excellent bike paths to choose from. Talk to the people at the bike rental shop for recommendations.

Another popular option here is horseback riding. There are several companies that will take you on a horseback tour of the area. Or you can take a ride to an area where wild mustangs live, and while there enjoy learning about the various wildlife native to this area.