New Bern is a 304 year old town not far from the North Carolina coast. Small and quiet, the town doesn't have much for nightlife and restaurant options are limited.

Its "downtown" area is composed of a couple of blocks of mostly 19th century brick buildings with a drop of its earlier 18th century buildings. This is the town's only interesting lure along with the rather plain looking replica of the British colonial governor's (and 1st government building) home which is regarded as a palace and named after the 2nd to last colonial governor, William Tryon. The miniscule "downtown" area is basically the city's facade. This small area has been reborn as a tourist catch with antique shops, boutiques and small private eateries, all of which appear to be privately owned and have odd hours of operation (i.e. closed on Sundays etc.)

The rest of the town surrounding the tiny "downtown" area is in flux; the area really needs developing (Warning: not a place to venture around at night).

If you are interested in swimming or other watersports, you should head for the coast, as the waterways tend to be dark, murky and shallow. The summers are hot (past 100 F), and refreshing breezes are few. In the spring, the flora disperses a lot of  yellow pollen so if you have allergies, you have been warned. Winters aren't so bad.

Because the town is a little off the beaten path, you can feel of isolated from the outside world. It's ideal for those retirees and vacationers that seek such an atmosphere.

If you're willing to explore, however, you can find some activities and things to do. VIsit the New Bern pages on the Craven County Convention and Visitors Bureau website.