Gardens of Santa Clotilde

One of the main attractions of Lloret de Mar are the Gardens of Santa Clotilde, which are not too far from the Playa de Fenals. The gardens are built from the top of a hill all the way down to a cliff beside the sea. They are in the style of the Italian Renaissance and built in 1919, covering an area of 24,000 square meters. The owner of these gardens was the Marques de Roviralta, who lived between 1891 and 1979. He was a doctor and had this vision to build the gardens. His mansion still stands on top of the hill and his family still occupies it. He found a young architect by the name of Nicolau Maria Rubio I Tuduri (1891-1981), who had been a disciple of the famous French architect Nicolas Forestier, the latter architect being the architect of the Bois de Boulogne in Paris and the Maria Luisa Park in Seville.

Many of the walkways in the gardens are lined with Italian cypress trees. There are other evergreen trees such as Mediterranean pines and also cedar trees. There are many Roman style statues made of marble in the gardens, and also many bronze statues of sirens done by the sculptress Maria Limona. There are many small ponds and fountains that let water fall down the sides of the hill, beside steps that are adorned with plants on the sides of the steps.

The regional government of Catalunya declared these gardens of national interest in 1995 and the architect Artur Bossy has recently remodeled the gardens to give them their original form. There is a very small entrance fee to see the gardens. These are probably the most beautiful gardens in Catalunya.