Williamston is nestled down in the heart of Eastern NC sitting on this side of the World Famous Roanoke River.  Nowhere near a big town but a town full of folks with big hearts.  As far as things to do, well if your from there, there's plenty to do but if your a visitor from the big city, you might get a tab bit board when the sun sets unless there's a big event going on ie Homecoming.  Night clubs are non existent, but since when did you need a night club to have a good time?  

Williamston has a few nice places to shop!  Plenty of hotels/Motels for doings in town so there's always a place to lay ya head.  You can find plenty of good ole fashion down home southern cooking. Try SHAW'S BBQ. If your not into BBQ, then there's the nice restaurant inside of the Holiday Inn and across the street from the Holiday Inn is another good eating spot at the Days Inn.  There's the Chicken Kitchen, R&C and not to mention McD's, BK and the Chinese spot right across from BoJangles. So as you see, there's plenty spots to eat.  All in all, Williamston is a nice spot to visit and if your really into southern living a good spot to call home.