Being located in North Carolina, locals of Wilmington feel a sense of Southern pride. There is definitely a mystique about the area, and it seems as though hospitality and being cordial with guests is extremely important. There is a great sense of pride in the United States, but many residents also feel pride with Confederate roots. North Carolina had a bad image during the Civil Rights Movement, but many citizens today feel that they have moved past it and are a progressive state. If you ask some of the locals in the area, there is definite pride in the history of the nation, and the fact that some of the earliest settlers of the nation were in the area. The Cape Fear area deals with a lot of tourism and visitors every year, and this brings a lot of intermingling of cultures and ideals. Because there are so many tourists that pass through every year, some of the locals are a bit jaded to visitors, but they are still good to them and enjoy their company. Wilmington is a city of progression and education, as the University of North Carolina at Wilmington is located in the city. There is also a certain sense of laid backness that one feels in the area, as most of the residents live less than 30 minutes away from at least one of the many local beaches. Wilmington is a unique mix of beachtown, southern staple, college city, tourist destination, and filming location, and its culture reflects it.