Fargo is a very safe city to visit in terms of crime. Visitors and tourist should not be overly concerned about being victims of small crimes while in the area. However, it’s always a good idea to remain smart about not placing wallets in unfastened back pockets, and not leaving valuables in hotel rooms.

In terms of non-crime safety issues, the City of Fargo is aware that disasters can happen – both caused by Mother Nature as well as those that are caused by man. Therefore, the city is currently working on a disaster plan so that residents and visitors of North Dakota will be as protected as possible in case a disaster strikes.

There is a siren warning system that is available in Fargo . Anyone hearing the sound of sirens should know that it could be signaling a chemical spill, an approaching tornado, severe weather, or any other type of emergency. The best thing to do if a siren is heard is to seek shelter indoors and turn on a television or a radio. If a real emergency is happening, the television and/or radio should be able to provide details.

Since tornados and severe winter storms are not unheard of in Fargo , it’s good to have a plan on where to meet family members after the storm passes.