There are many museums and attractions located in and very close to Fargo. A tourist to the area could potentially spend days upon days attempting to see everything this city has to offer. Following is a sample of a few of the many popular places to see and visit.

Bonanzaville USA: This Pioneer Village and Museum has 40 buildings on 12 acres filled with historical memorabilia related to Cass County and the Red River Valley. There is an old church, an old courthouse, schoolhouse, Pioneer houses and mansion.  Many museums that feature antique automobiles, tractors, airplanes, Native American collections and much more.  Special events June, July, August, September.  

Celebrity Walk of Fame: This is the location in which the local Convention and Visitor's Bureau has celebrities place their handprints, footprints or signatures when they come to town. The walk of fame is a way of keeping track of the famous people who have visited Fargo. Some people who are featured on the walk of fame are Neil Diamond and Garth Brooks.

Fargo Air Museum: This museum contains many rare pieces of aircraft, including some that were used in past wars… including WWII. The museum is dedicated to teaching residents of Fargo as well as visitors to the area about the history of aviation in North Dakota.

Maple River Winery: The wines produced at this winery are very unique and include flavors from fruits that originated in the state of North Dakota . Visitors can take a tour of the winery any day of the week.

Many cities have zoos but Fargo-Moorhead's Red River Zoo specializes in rare and endangered species.  Sichuan takin, Chinese red pandas, east Asian tur, and raccoon dogs are some of the unusual species that you won't find in many zoos anywhere else in America.  The Red River Zoo is also one of the world centers for breeding red pandas.  Because of the climate, which closely replicates their home, the red pandas have had several successful births and the zoo is now home to 2 pairs that need to reproduce in order to help save this vanishing creature.  The Zoo is also home to the Diederich Carousel, an antique attraction restored to its original hand-painted beauty and function.