Torreon is a young and modern city.

Here you can do multiple activities: the ecotourism and the desert hike, enjoy to play golf in a sunny day with your friends, go out to shopping in the shopping malls or go to have dinner at night in a restaurant or bar.


Torreon has many international franchises of food and cloth, but there is also many options from international cusine as well as local cusine.

The must visit " Cristo de las Noas" is the 2nd biggest Cristo Sanctuary in Latin America (the 1st, of course, is in Rio de Janeiro), is the image

of Jesus with extended arms, symbolising protection for the inhabitants of Torreon, it is situated on the top of a hill.

Torreon is surrounded by the wonderful desert, the lovers of ecoturismo and adventure will enjoy attractive natural views like the Mountain range of Jimulco, the Dunes of Bilbao, the Dunes of Acatita and the enigmatic Silent Zone, and many other places.

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