The easiest (and least expensive) way to get around between Akumal and other areas is by colectivo. These are white vans that go up and down the highway between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum every 10 minutes or so. The fares range depending on how far you want to go, but the most you should pay is 25 pesos (about $2.50 USD), most of the time you pay $15 pesos.

To flag down a colectivo, stand on the edge of the highway in the direction you would like to go, and if there is room in the van the driver will flash the lights. Wave, and they will pull over. Tell the driver where you would like to go, and he will drop you off at that point on the highway. You pay as you exit. You don’t have to worry about having exact change, as they usually do, but big bills are not a good idea.

Colectivos are primarily used by locals. Also be aware, they drop you off only along the highway, so for some places that are a long ways off the road like the Tulum Ruins and Aktun Chen, you may want to consider a taxi. They are more expensive than a colectivo, but are a good option for certain destinations as they take you directly where you want to go. Be sure to clarify how much the taxi driver will charge before you get in. They are usually set fares, so negotiating the price is not an option.