The StarDisc - A not be missed experience ! - An amazing 40ft diameter circle of black granite, with 12 seats and the Stars engraved on it. It sits at the top of Stoney Wood, just off Greenhill, with lovely views far across the surrounding countryside. There is also steps up a viewing platform which gives even better views. 10 mins walk from the centre of town - go past the bookshop. It's free.

Nearby is a new entrance Arch with the words "Stoney Wood -Gateway to the Stars" on it.

Stoney Wood, an old quarry but now turned into a community woodland, is well worth an exploratory trip.  It has a number of features such as a Peace Pole Sculpture, a Labyrinth, Firepit, Chain Sculpture and beautiful gates (these latter by the Middleton road).  A great place to chill out and explore.  Owned by Wirksworth Town Council its also free!