1.      Finding the Idiospermum trees in the Daintree wilderness - living fossils thought to be extinct.

2.      Cruising the mangroves at Coopers Creek and seeing a crocodile.

3.      Paddling around the Cape Trib headland and seeing turtles and dolphins.

4.      Watching the sunrise from the south headland of Cape Trib on Myall Beach, and enjoying an early morning walk, with nobody else around.

5.      Eating locally grown exotic tropical fruit from the Amazon, the Caribbean and South East Asia.

6.      Swimming in the Emmagen Creek swimming hole with the freshwater tortoises.

7.      Snorkelling on McKay Reef and seeing the coral.

8.      Climbing Mt Sorrow and seeing the Daintree coastline stretching out before you.

9.      Seeing a python on a nightwalk.

10.   Seeing a Cassowary. 

11.   Eyeballing the fruit bat at the Bat House