There are few places in Cleveland in where you can find God and his glory all in a bottle. Its an inexpensive bottle and for sixty bucks you can go there all year along  and take your loved ones, and all in one bottle. It will cure the blues as you observe colors that you just cannot find in Cleveland, like the butterflies that land on your nose or ducks and birds that you cannot find in Ohio, let alone the United States.

In the spring and especially Winter when Clevelanders all start feeling cabin fever and cannot afford to go to a rain forest canopy, then there are no problems on that front. In the bottle, you can walk into a hot and humid Costa Rican rain forest any day of the year, but I feel it works better in the dead of Winter. Close your eyes and take one teaspoon and instantly you are not in Kansas anymore.

This place is magic in other areas also. Do you want to go to a medieval English garden? (Its in the bottle) Do you want to go to the largest herb garden in Ohio? (Its in the bottle) Do you want to go to a Japanese garden? (Its in the bottle) This bottle contains to much to mention, but its Cleveland's secret that dose not want to be a secret. Try a bottle for sixty bucks and where are you going to get medicine for the entire family in one single bottle?