Taxis are readily available in most areas of Columbus. If you're staying at an outlying hotel, you can call ahead for a taxi. If you're downtown or at the airport, you can usually call when you need the taxi. As a rule of thumb, a taxi will arrive at your downtown or Airport hotel withing 5-7 minutes of your call.

Understanding that the "service" in taxi service ends right there, most cab drivers are not the best mannered. Additionally, make sure that they're not taking less-than-ideal routes. Fares begin at $2.75 and then increase by $.45 for each 2/9 mile. There is a $3.00 surcharge for any fares from the airport.

For larger groups (4 or more), both of these companies have shuttles (mini-vans) and charge per person. Call ahead to compare taxi and shuttle charges. There are also two dedicated Airport Shuttle companies for large groups travelling to and from the Airport: Fares run approximately $15.00 person - never as reasonable as a taxi, but sometimes more convenient.

The main Airport Shuttle companies are Urban Express at (614) 856-1000 or (877) 840-0411 and Arch Express at (614).252-2277 or (800) 325-1882. They also offer coach (limosine) services. Check these websites for details.

It is best to call the night before your scheduled trip. Also, it is a good idea to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time, as Airport Shuttles are not always prompt. If they do not arrive at the appointed time, call the Shuttle Service and get an estimated pickup time. 

The main taxi cab service in Columbus is Yellow Cab Their number is (614) 444-4444.  Another popular taxi service is Blue Cab. Their number is (614) 236-4444. Standard fares from the airport to downtown cost approximately $23.50;  OSU to Downtown runs approximately $11.00 and from OSU to German Village is around $17.00. These rates are based on mid-day traffic and will fluctuate with traffic patterns and congestion.