In Columbus, there's something for everyone at a price everyone can afford. Cheap eats usually means paying less than 2x the minimum wage for a meal - which usually means you're stuck with fast food places, but not so in Columbus. Here are a few ideas just to get you on your way.

Phillip's Coney Island

SHORT NORTH: 747 N High St - (next to Press Grill) phone: 614.294.1251

Phillip's is more well-known for its cheap breakfasts as opposed to its namesake "Coney," but you can still get a dog or a hamburger or a BLT at Phillip's any time they're open.

Potbelly Sandwich Works

OSU CAMPUS: 10 E Eleventh Ave (at corner of High and 11th) phone: 614.299.0617

Since it's located on The Ohio State University campus, it has to be cheap. Potbelly's offers approximately 20 12-inch sandwiches, all at $3.79. Add a cup of soup for $2.59 and a medium soda for another 1.39 and that comes to 8.29 - if you include tax. Not too shabby for a complete meal.