The once weekly tribal market, selling bettlenut on the foothills of Meghalaya has transformed into a booming business centre with property prices sky rocketing and a big construction and retail boom. Pizza Hut opened its doors to the Guwahatians recently proving that the sleepy backwater town has finally woken up.

Being the gateway to the North Eastern part of the country the potential that the city hold is immense, but lack of Government will and draconian rules had kept everything stagnent till a few years back.

The scene has changed today with the city hosting its first major event in February 2007, the Indian National Games. The government has also roped in the Hyatt Group to open the first Five Star hotel in the city. And to top it all, Guwahati won its bid over Calcutta to host the second Tea Convention.

Its a good start for a city that has a long long way to go.