Set amidst the beautiful hills of the eastern borders of the Himalayan mountain range and located in the banks of the Brahmaputra river lies Guwahati, a scenic treasure. The city has a lot to offer to travelers of every kind. For the religious traveler, the city has several temples, for the traveler which digs culture, it offers it in abundance and for the food traveler, it is a delight!


Amongst the temples, the Navagraha or the Temple of the Nine Planets, an ancient centre of astronomy and astrology is a must see. There is also the Umananda Temple which is located on an island on the river Brahmaputra and a ferry ride to the temple is equally enjoyable. The Kamakhya temple, the most well known of all to which people from all over the country come to visit is located on a hill top. If you are not too much of a crowd person, it is best to visit on a weekday. At dusk, the view from atop is mesmerizing with the city being lit up.

In the evening, a ferry ride on Alfresco is something you will remember for a long time. But if you are pressed on time, enjoy your supper on the upper deck while you watch the sunset. 

To dabble in Assam culture, a visit to Kalakshetra, the Shipgram complex and the Assam State Museum is worthwhile. While the former has a vast collection of tribal artifacts from around the state along with other historical items the later showcases handicrafts and cultural shows from time to time.

If you are into adventure dont miss mountain cycling in and around Guwahati and Shillong.  Vagabond Expeditions offers various adventure activities in and around Guwahati and other parts of Northeast India.


Ambari is the right place if you need to pick up souvenirs to remember Assam by. Muga, pat, bamboo handicrafts are some of the things you could pick up from the several emporiums on this road. G.S. Road has the most number of shopping complexes in the city but who wants items made in a bulk and which can be brought anywhere in the country! The main and oldest shopping hub is Fancy Bazar where you can get anything you want in a reasonable price.


For traditional Assamese cuisine, Paradise is your den. It is one of the oldest restaurants serving traditional food and one of the best too. But if you are staying for several days and would like to try out other cuisines, there is a wide range of choice you can pick from.

For chinese, there is Wan Li in Hengerabari and China Town on Rajgarh Road. Both are local restaurants which serves mouth watering food without burning a hole in your pocket. If you want to try a more high end restaurant, Confucius on G.S. Road is your place.Also Mainland China is a rising star if you are into buffets.

For continental cuisine, Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok serves some of the best dishes and you can enjoy your meal whilst watching the Brahmaputra.