Here is some information on ``Krishi Paryatan'' - the new globalization worlds experince.

There are so many farmers running Krishi Paryatan from their farm; some of them are Bhadsawles Saguna Baug, More Kakas Kumbe Farm, Benre Farms, etc......near by Neral station.

There is a real joy in nature and you can get closer to nature by living like a farmer: doing some work in the farm fields, catching fish in the river or feeding and caring for the emus and ducks and collecting cow or goat milk with your own hands. It can be a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience!

You will also help the farmers AND save some money.


Get some information from the farmer you are visiting and take your own basic first aid & safety tools (medicines, water purifyer tablets/liquid, torch / lighter / match box etc.....